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efm Hospitality Solutions
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efm Hospitality is the choice for developers and property owners seeking knowledgeable, experienced hospitality professionals to help them achieve success. Whether the job is large or small, efm Hospitality will build a customized plan for each hotel or resort in a productive, creative and cost-effective manner.

efm Hospitality stands out because our scope of services is dictated by your specific needs – whether it’s resort repositioning, asset management, renovation guidance or a wide variety of other scenarios. Regardless of the scale of the project, you can be confident knowing that efmhospitality offers:

With decades of experience in the hospitality industry,
the efm Hospitality team possesses the fundamental knowledge that is the underlying key to success.

What distinguishes them from other companies is in
how and what they deliver. The principals and senior management of efm Hospitality are active with each client they represent. There are no layers of management, just active team players that you can count on to deliver the best results.

efm Hospitality’s professional alliances are some of the best in the business, allowing us to transform your vision into a project of value and permanence – from start to finish.

efm Hospitality is more than a hospitality consulting firm. We don’t just leave you with a plan. We implement it hands-on.on-site.every step of the way.

Maintaining our integrity and the integrity of the hotels and resorts we work with is of paramount importance. We guarantee efficiency and achieve this by involving only the most highly capable professionals.

Because our team is so intimately involved with each of our projects, an immediate answer is always just a call away.

We look for non-traditional, creative ways to ensure that your project is maintained and completed on time and on budget.

Our capabilities and skills are wide-ranging, so your project progresses methodically without ever missing
a beat.

We promise real value and equitable prices.

Each client can expect top-level attention from “A” players on a regular basis. Working with efm Hospitality means working with the top level experts that can make the difference in your hotel or resort.